8 Must-See Foreign Language Shows

As a college student, binge watching an entire show within a few days is a right of passage. Netflix is basically our best friend. For those of you who are a little more adventurous or just want to branch out a little, here are 8 shows in 8 different languages that you need to start watching right now.

8. Rita – Danish

This comedy centers around a smart mouthed teacher who has no fucks to give. Think of it as the Danish TV version of Bad Teacher. The show is centered around Rita’s many failed relationships, annoying students and teacher’s lounge drama, and the struggles of raising teenagers.

Where to watch: Netflix


7. Club de Cuervos – Spanish

Club de Cuervos is a comedy-drama centered around two siblings fighting over the ownership of a soccer club. From sex scandals to illegitimate children, this show is full of drama and sports action. Chava and Isabel may be brother and sister, but they will do whatever it takes to see eachother fail.

Where to watch: Netflix

6. Les Revenants – French

This supernatural thriller follows the lives of people who got a second chance at life. After the dead start coming back to life, all they want is to pick up where their lives left off. Their loved ones try to make sense of things but some of them have already moved on. This series inspired the US remake, The Returned.

Where to Watch: Netflix


5. Boys Over Flowers – Korean

A normal girl finds herself thrown into the world of private school after saving someone’s life. Not a fan of blending in, she deals with the consequences of being the new girl in this Gossip Girl-ish teen drama.

Where to Watch: Netflix

4. Terrace House – Japanese

Terrace House is like the Japanese version of The Real World. Six strangers are picked to live in a house together and the world watches as relationships are made, tested, and broken.

Where to Watch: Netflix

3. 3% – Portuguese

In this dystopian world, when a person turns 20, they go through the Process which is a series of tests and trials in order to find the best and the brightest. Only the top 3% of 20 years olds survive the trials and make it to the utopian society on the Inland while the remaining 97% either go back to live in poverty on the Mainland or die in the Process.

Where to Watch: Netflix


2. SKAM – Norwegian


This teen drama is centered on high school students and their hook-ups, break-ups, and kick-assery. Each season is told from the point of view of a different main character. Each story line is unique and past seasons have focused on themes like first loves, sexuality, and jealousy. Scenes from the show are posted in real time online so if a scene in the show takes place at school at 2:30 p.m on Monday, that’s when the clip is posted which has led to some students even skipping school to watch the show.

Where to Watch: http://skam-online.tumblr.com/episodes

1. IT Crowd – English

British English might as well be a foreign language and anyway this show is an absolute must. The IT Crowd is a british comedy following three nerdy friends and their work in the IT department. The writing is pure genius and will leave you speaking in quotes for the rest of your life. No seriously, go watch it.

Where to Watch: Netflix



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